Learning Through Adventure

  • mountain biking adventure in Kenya
  • mountain biking adventure in Tanzania
  • rock climbing and mountain climbing adventures in Malawi
  • mountain biking adventure in Kenya
  • mountain biking adventure in Tanzania
  • rock climbing and mountain climbing adventures in Malawi

No matter who you are, where you are from or what you enjoy doing the most, we successfully provides safe, adventurous and educational activities and life experiences to all kinds of students from all walks of life. It may be an adventurous journey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro; you may want to experience the thrilling, spinning ride down the Telaja Waja river in Bali by raft or carving a smooth line around a rocky outcrop on your mountain bike through the equatorial forests of Kenya. Or maybe skiing is your thing and Sweden is your destination!

We also run educational based trips for geography, biology, ecology field trips and many more as well as running First Aid, Technical Climbing and Bike Skills courses and Charity Challenges. We understand with all activities that Safety is of top most concern and so we run Risk Assessment Procedures for all our activities. Read more about our Risk Assessment Procedures HERE.


mountain biking in the bush

If it's  a thrill ride you are looking for than you have come to the right place! Nobody loves adrenaline and exploration quite like the RVA team! Whether you are hiking through pristine forests, mountain biking across the African plains or abseiling off waterfalls in Bali, RVA has something to fulfill your need for speed, experience and wilderness.


hiking and other adrenaline packed expeditions by rift valley adventures

As an approved International Trained Activity Provider (ITAP), we regularly host student groups with a variety of different adventuruous journeys wherever we operate. Some of our adrenaline packed expeditions include mountain biking, trekking, kayaking and camel expeditions.

Adventure Centres

mountain bike courses

RVA currently owns and operates two adventures centres in Kenya where our headquarters is. With a host of different facilities ranging from climbing walls, to mountain bike courses, our centres are the perfect base for school trips and Adventure Training Programs. 


school trip activities and mountain biking

With 15 years of experience running school trips and expeditions, RVA has created a foundation for further training and award programs ranging from the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, to the MIAS Mountain Bike Leader Award and Wilderness First Aid Training.

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